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We not specialize in 1999 and newer Ford F-Series trucks, Toyota Prius, and BMW vehicles. .


“ Mechanical parts warranties are limited to manufacturing defects in the block, heads, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, rockers, and oil pumps. All engines are guaranteed as long block only. All other parts that may be provided are "Accessories and Extra Parts". No warranty is provided for any such parts that are attached, including parts such as switches, sensors, cables, injectors, electronics, belts (including timing belt), hoses, water pumps, gaskets, oil pans, Timing Covers, Fuel Rails, solenoids, manifolds,rust, etc. Heat tabs are installed on engine if melted or missing Warranty will be voided along with any dis-assembly or alteration of long block also voids warranty. Any question please email us and thank you for your interest in our parts. American Auto Wrecking” 10% restocking fee on specialty pulled items. Warranty EXCHANGE ONLY, no refunds. Customer responsible for all shipping. We do recommends while used parts our out to replace external items like oil pans, water pump, rear main seal, turbo seals ,exhaust manifolds and gaskets, external items to engine and heads that may need done in future. Cheaper to do out of vehicle that when installed.

Electrical Items. - No warranty. Why? Say something on your vehicle shorted out your electrical component, as soon as you plug ours in, you may short it out as well. However, since we specialize in F-Series fords  and many of the same part, we may offer warranties on some electrical items, call for details. 

RETURNS- No returns on mechanical parts, exchange only if issue. IF we allow an order cancellation there will be a 20% restocking fee.

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We specialize in certain vehicles  and we know them inside and out,  call us with question on parts you need , fitment, or vehicle you want to buy whole.

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FORD SUPER DUTY TRUCKS F-250,F-350,F-450,F-550

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Used parts sales specialists, call with parts you need, we make sure the parts fit the fist time, mechanical parts 30 day warranty exchange.


A core is you  bad item you are replacing with purchase from us. Your core ( your bad item), is due back to us typically with 15 days (unless prior arrangements are made) of received good part from us. We will credit you back core charge when we received good core back from you and check it out. Cores can not be broked visually on the outside, casings must be in good condition. Engines must turn over by hand 360 degrees, and have no holes in block. Best to pull your oil pan and make sure all rods are intact before sending back to us. WE WILL NOT REFUND CORE CHARGE ON A NON USABLE CORE.


Steering boxes $75

pcm /ecm $100

Automatic Transmissions $500

Manual Transmissions $1000

Gas engines $500

Diesel 7.3 ,6.7 and 6.0 Engines $1000 each

Diesel 6.4 Engine $2000

Call ahead if you are a shop, or need core charge deferred for some reason, we sometimes can defer core charge as long as we get it back. But if core not supplied with attempts to pickup or collect it, we will have to charge about owed if paid by credit card, or bill you if paid by other means or if charge will no go through. thank you.